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A Trip to Bourbon Country

As yesterday was National Bourbon Day, the 23 City Blocks Catering team thought it would be a great chance to share our recent trip to Bourbon Country!

23 City Blocks Catering and our sister company, Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatiers, have made an annual trip of traveling down to Louisville, Kentucky to visit the Four Roses Bourbon Distillery.

Upon arriving at the distillery, we were greeted by friendly faces and warehouses on warehouses of aging Bourbon.

Fun fact: Four Roses Bourbon is the only distillery that uses single-story rack warehouses which provides for the most stable aging process resulting in consistent flavors, body and aromas.

Not only are the scenic views at Four Roses’ Warehouse and Bottling Facility beautiful, but it is also interesting (and very exciting) to see firsthand how bourbon is aged and bottled. The tour allowed for us to see important operations that our bourbon goes through such as warehousing, barreling and bottling.

After checking out the facility, it was time to get down to business!

23 City Blocks Catering and Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatiers make this trip annually to select a single-barrel to be bottled in our name for retail (and to pair with Bissinger’s chocolate, of course)!

Four Roses prepared 5 different single-barrels for us to taste.

After several sips and votes, we concluded which barrel tasted best with our Bissinger’s Bites!

With making our mark on the barrel, we left the Four Roses Bourbon Distillery excited about our choice.

If you are a bourbon lover like we are, we encourage you to save the date for our upcoming Bissinger’s, Bourbon + BBQ event coming up Sunday, August 27th at The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s. Tickets will go on sale in July!


The Connor Classic

On Friday, April 28th our team headed out to The Legends Country Club to participate in the 1st Annual Connor Classic. As we set our GPS that morning, we hoped that the rain would soon die down…

It rained and stormed all day long, but that did not keep down the spirit of the cause!

The Connor Classic is a Charitable Golf Tournament benefiting Connor’s Cause. This non-profit organizations’ purpose is to help families with tragic diagnoses through local organizations near and dear to the family’s heart such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, Cure CMD, Missouri First Steps, and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Connor Raymond Voigt is the little warrior behind the cause. Months before his birth, Connor’s family learned that he had severe hydrocephalus, to then be diagnosed at 3 months old with Walker-Warburg Syndrome. On December 11th, 2015 at 7 months old, Connor’s battle ended leaving a giant legacy behind of a little warrior.

The First Annual Connor Classic was held to not only remember his legacy, but also to celebrate his 2nd birthday. The family and friends of Connor gathered together and released balloons into the heavens to kick-start the tournament.

As a sponsor of the tournament, our tent ended up being a great spot for the golfers to take shelter from all the rain while enjoying some food, drinks, and golfing goodies!

23 City Blocks Catering could not be happier to have been a part of such a special and meaningful event. If the legacy of Connor has touched you the way it did us, we encourage you to check out the organizations’ website here.


Exersize,,, eggs.are.sides, for BACON!

You know those made up holidays that pop up on your Facebook and Instagram feeds that you never knew about before social media? Yeah, we celebrate those (well, the good ones). We thought we would let you know about our favorite upcoming social media holiday so that you can prepare to celebrate in style… you’re welcome!


August 20th = National Bacon Lover’s Day (AKA: national everyone who isn’t a vegetarian/vegan day)

Food0402Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Skewers |23 City Blocks Catering


Prove to your friends that you are the ultimate bacon lover by slyly mentioning these fun facts… while they’re busy googling in an effort to prove you wrong you can eat all of the delicious snacks!

Bacon 101:

  • Why is bacon so addictive? It contains six types of umami {what is umami?} Umami produces an addictive neurochemical response.
  • Bacon cures hangovers! By boosting the level of amines which clear the head.
  • Good news for all of you soon to be mommies… choline, found in bacon, helps fetal brain development.
  • In 1924 Oscar Meyer patented the first packed sliced bacon. Thanks Oscar!
  • Approximately 5,760,000,000 pounds of pig strips are consumed each year in America.
  • The amounts of Vitamin B3 in bacon may help you live longer. Sure, there are healthier ways to get this vitamin just none that are quite as delicious! Embrace the bacon positives.
  • First meal eaten on the moon: BACON {bacon squares, peaches, sugar cookie cubes, pineapple grapefruit drink and coffee}. Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin know whats up.
  • 69% of all food service operators serve bacon (that number seems low to us}.
  • A single serving {3 slices} only contains 100 calories. You can burn that off by swimming laps for 10 minutes, totally worth it!
  • Bissinger’s makes the most amazing Maple BACON Salted Caramels, seriously the most amazing chocolate we have ever had in our mouths!

Because we love you, we’re not going to torture you with all of this delicious bacon talk and not offer you any! Our celebration will be held at The Caramel Room on Sunday, August 28th, 2016. (In true 23 City Block’s style, we like to keep the party going, plus we will be busy catering two weddings on the actual holiday, {don’t worry there is bacon involved}). If you know us, you’re already aware we’re not just your average bacon lovers, so we of course have to go BIG… Chef Nick Miller will be spit roasting a whole hog! Sounds amazing, right? We wouldn’t want you to miss out. So yes, YOU’RE INVITED! {click here}

Thanks to Switzer Creative for these mouth watering shots of Chef Nick Miller’s skewers.

We'll let them tell you...

Casey_FunSometimes we blush when we have to write about ourselves. Since our cheeks are already rosy enough from this St. Louis summer heat, we decided to share a few thoughts of our previous clients who have hosted their special events with us at Lumen this year.

  • “Loved the fact that you already have great furniture, which left little to rent additionally.”  – January 2016
  • “Our Event Manager was a perfect host and the Chef made fabulous vegan options.” – January 2016
  • “Staff is professional, helpful, and friendly. Everyone went above and beyond.” – March 2016
  • “I don’t have enough words to express how happy I am to have had my wedding at Lumen. From synchronized service to cleanup at the end of the night, everything went off without a hitch. I also really appreciate the kitchen staff for taking the time and effort to make a complicated Serbian dish as one of my entree choices.” – May 2016
  • “The staff was exceptionally friendly. I stepped in front of one of the staff members while he was serving a guest of mine. I apologized because I realized what I had done, He said ‘It’s no problem ma’am this is your day, please do not worry about me and the staff.’ That moment touched me and resonated as being the true tone of every employee at Lumen.” – June 2016
  • “The portions were tremendous along with flavor, presentation, and creativity. All of our guests raved about the food. They could not get over how good it was.”  – June 2016
  • “We’ve heard nothing but overwhelming positive feedback about our event at Lumen and about the event space itself. Thank you!!!!” – June 2016

We just love sharing the happiest and most celebratory emotions with all who enter our space!