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23 City Blocks | Crafting Unforgettable Culinary Experiences

Our Newest Venture

with Venture Café

Our Service

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Not your average chicken dinners.

Herb Roasted Half Game Hen, Olives, Leeks, White Beans, Romesco Sauce

Anything from weddings to corporate parties plus exciting social events, we’ll meet you anywhere in town. Not sure where to host? Here’s a few of our favorite places.


Did we mention we also do barbeque?

House made barbeque

The perfect menu for corporate lunches or meetings, or even weddings! Sweet, Salty, Smokey or Slathered. Sandwich Style or Straight Up. No matter your preference, our barbeque is a crowd favorite that can and will please every palate.


Samples of catering options & recent events.

Outdoor weddings celebrate Mother Nature while evoking timeless style.

The beauty of natural surroundings creates a magical and romantic atmosphere that no indoor venue can match. Whether set against a backdrop of rolling hills, a serene beach, or a lush garden, outdoor weddings offer endless possibilities for breathtaking views and picturesque moments.


Partnership with Mostbet

Mostbet is a famous name in the sports betting world. We are very happy to be working with them as they have the same dedication to quality that we do.

What Does This Mean for You?

More Opportunities

Both companies will have more opportunities because of this partnership. Mostbet can use 23CityBlocks’ catering services to reach a larger number of customers, and 23CityBlocks can offer special packages at events sponsored by Mostbet in order to increase its own popularity.

Better Service

By teaming up, we are able to provide better service than ever before. Now, not only can we offer thrilling sports entertainment but also premium catering options – all in one place!


… our goal is to serve food that looks so good you have to snap a pic of it first.


Happy Customers


Projects Completed


Explore the world of culinary excellence with the 23 City Blocks Catering blog. Here, we share our passion for food, event planning, and all things catering. Whether you need inspiration for your next event, tips on planning the perfect menu, or behind-the-scenes stories from our team, you’ll find it here.